3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Session

February 6, 2021

One of the biggest roots of my business is making sure my couples have an amazinggg experience with me! Everything from the first email, to the session, to the gallery delivery, I want you to love. So there’s a lot that I do to help that happen, but there are things you can do too to get the most out of your time with me!

Be on time

Lighting is everythinggg for your session! Being on time allows you to get that prime light and dreamy photos. If you’re late, it cuts into shooting time which means you’ll get less photos. So plan to come early so you can have your full session time and the best light!

Utilize the Style Guide

Outfits have a hugeee impact on the photos! The Style Guide that I send you upon booking will help you choose clothes that will complement you and the location. Picking outfits that you feel good in and that match the location will help you love your photos even more!

Let loose

Let those nerves go and just have fun! PDA like crazy because the more candid you allow yourself to be, the more authentic your photos will be! I want to see your personalities. And more than that, I want your photos to help tell the story of your relationship. Bring your guitar and sing your lady a song, or eat some pizza, the list goes on and on! Making your session feel more like a date will help you guys feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Speaking of feeling comfy, I’ve had a lot of guys tell me they feel awkward in front of the camera. I wrote another blog just for you guys to help you feel like the stud that you are. Click here.

Let’s make some magic happen

If you can do these three things, you can leave the rest up to me and watch the magic happen (; I’m soooo excited to shoot with you and give you some amazing photos that you just want to post alllll over social media!

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