I’m Engaged! … What Now?

May 14, 2020

The First 3 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged

It’s the best day of your LIFE! He finally got down on one knee and asked you to marry him! That wedding you’ve been planning in your head for MONTHS–it’s time to put it to action. … But then it hits you. Where do you even begin?!

Don’t you worry. I’ve photographed about 100 weddings and I’ve been a bride, so I’ve been in your shoes. If you do these 3 things first, the rest of your wedding planning will go smoothly.

1. Book your engagement pictures right away

If you haven’t booked them already (; I have many couples book their engagement pictures before they’re even engaged! But if you haven’t yet, fill out my inquiry form and let’s get those scheduled! You’ll want those pictures as soon as possible so you can get your invites out and get some pictures printed. And you want to post weekly countdowns on social media throughout your engagement!! And if you book your engagement pictures with me, we’ll even send you a Style Guide to help you pick out the best outfits for your pictures.

And since I’m located in St. George, Utah, let’s schedule some red rock engagement pictures! If you don’t live in Southern Utah, make a trip out of it and let’s spend a weekend hiking and getting some cute pics of you guys! Don’t wanna make a weekend trip? No worries — I’ll come to you! Inquire about travel fees!

2. Pin down your wedding date

Before getting engaged, you likely discussed a general timeline of when you would like to get married. Now it’s time to pick an official date! There’s a lot of things you can’t plan without having a date, that’s why it’s so important to get this done right away! Then you can book your venue, photographer, and other vendors. Then you can send out your save the dates. Luckily, in Southern Utah and surrounding states, it’s pretty much nice out year round (; You can’t really go wrong!!

Going along with that–if you don’t live in Southern Utah, you could always travel down to us for a gorgeous red rock wedding, no matter the season! Because you’ll practically be guaranteed some nice weather! There are amazing locations down here where you could have a breathtaking wedding. Snow Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon… just to name a few (; I also know some hidden gems, so ask me about those!

3. Choose your wedding colors

It’s hard to do much else if you don’t know what colors you want everything to be! Think about the season. What flowers are blooming this time of year? Click here for another blog I wrote with some color palette inspiration. Once you have your colors, you can buy bridesmaid dresses, ties, tablecloths, order flowers, etc. Once this is decided, you can start tackling things on the rest of your list.

Stumped on what colors, flowers, and style you want your wedding to have? When you book your wedding with me, I send you my complementary Wedding Guide! This guide goes over EVERYTHING you need to know to plan your wedding seamlessly. I talk about more than just style and colors though. I’ll talk about timeline, shot lists, advice from past brides–you name it! That guide will be even more useful than your maid of honor (;

And BOOM! You’ve got a great start on your wedding planning. Your engagement will FLY by, so don’t forget to enjoy it while you’re looking forward to being married. Contact me today and schedule your engagements, bridals, and wedding with me so you can have photos that make those moments last a lifetime.