Should I Add a Second Shooter to my Wedding Package?

February 11, 2021

When you’re planning your wedding, there’s a lot of things to consider! Whether or not you want a second shooter is one of those things. I’m going to go over some reasons why a second shooter is a great idea for your wedding! But first…

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is a second photographer that I hire on to come capture your wedding with me! You can add this on to any package.

What is the benefit of having a second shooter?

A second shooter is able to get different angles of your events, lottts of candids, and overall they just add so much to your gallery! Having 2 photographers will give you the most complete coverage possible!

One of my favorite reasons to have a second shooter is the different angles we can capture together during the ceremony. Because I can’t be in 2 places at once, but me and my second shooter can! Thinks shots of your face as you walk down the aisle AND shots from behind of his face over your shoulder. Think full body shots of the ring exchange AND a super up close shot zoomed in on your hands. Think super super wide shots of the ceremony that my second shooter could run and get, while not risking missing anything important because I’ll be up close and in the action.

I strongly recommend having a second shooter for any wedding over 100 guests because between all the events and group photos, I’m going to be kept pretty busy with that many people. The second shooter will be able to focus more on candids of your guests, more details, and assist in getting any specific shots on your shot list. Can you add a second shooter if you have less than 100 guests? Yes of course! A second shooter is never a bad idea!

If you haven’t added a second shooter to your package, it’s not too late! I just need to know a minimum of 8 weeks before your wedding. Send me an email and we can add it on. And if you haven’t inquired yet, let me know you want a second shooter in your email! Click here and let’s chat!