The Difference Between My Elopement and Wedding Packages

February 21, 2023

What is the difference between my elopement and wedding packages? You can find my base prices here, and after you inquire with me here, I’ll send you my Pricing Guide which goes more in depth on everything that I offer. But maybe you’re not sure if the vision you have for your day will fall under elopement pricing or wedding pricing – so let’s break down the differences!

My base elopement package starts with less hours and has a guest count maximum.

My base wedding package starts with more hours and doesn’t have a guest limit.

You can add hours on to any package, but I’ve structured my bases this way because I’ve been shooting weddings for a few years now and have found that typically, elopements are shorter and weddings are longer due to more events and more guests. (Elopements can be as long as you need! But I’ve started the base at less hours so the couples who need that little coverage have that option).

So why does guest count matter? More guests mean more group photos to coordinate, more candids, more people to direct, more photos to edit, and it typically makes events/transition time take a little bit longer. There’s a big difference between directing 8 people for a group photo and 45! And there’s a big difference between taking candids of an intimate dinner and a reception with 150+ people.

I absolutely love shooting both weddings and elopements, but now you know why my wedding packages are a bit more of an investment than my elopements!

What if you’re eloping and bringing no guests? What’s the difference between that and a bridal session? Click here and I’ll explain!

If you have any additional questions about my packages, inquire here and let’s talk about your vision and everything you want covered!