Every time I book a wedding, I always ask if the bride wants a separate bridal session prior to the wedding. Some people already know what this entails, but I have a lot of clients who respond asking, “What are bridals?”

Bridals are almost as important as your wedding day coverage!

So… WHAT are they exactly?

A bridal shoot is separate from your wedding. It is also a separate price, but it is so worth it.

Doing a bridal session prior to your wedding means that you get more bridal coverage than you would if you just had the bridals from your wedding day itself. It’s a shoot where the bride and groom get all dressed up—tux, dress, hair and all—and get pictures taken as if it’s their wedding day. The beginning of the bridal shoot usually starts with the “first look”, which is when the groom’s reacts at to seeing his bride in her dress for the first time.

WHO is in the bridal pictures?

In the past, bridals were typically just of the bride. But it’s become a more popular thing to include the groom. It’s just the two of them. No bridal party or parents. Bridals are an intimate time for the couple to be alone and in love, not distracted by the chaos of a wedding day or by hundreds of excited guests. It is a time for them to reflect on their love story and think about their future together. I’ll capture the couple together, but I’ll also get individuals and detail shots.

WHEN and WHERE do you do a bridal session?

A bridal shoot takes place a few days or weeks before the wedding. The great thing is, you can go to any location for them. I like to take my brides and their grooms to an adventure location that they wouldn’t have time to go to on their wedding day!

It’s a really good idea to do your bridals a few weeks before your wedding to give your photographer time to edit the pictures and give them to you before the big day. This way, you can print them and use the images as decor at your wedding and reception! It adds an intimate and personal touch to the rest of the venue.

WHY are bridals such a good idea?

1. TIME The biggest benefit of doing your bridals before your wedding is saving time. The wedding day is already so crammed and everyone becomes quickly exhausted; more pictures aren’t always the easiest to fit in! Besides, you want your wedding day to be as relaxing as possible. You should enjoy your day and celebrate with everyone else. But don’t worry. I will still take some bridals on your wedding day (even if we only have time for a few)! I have to capture that just-married glow.

2. AMOUNT OF PICTURES To me, the best thing about bridals is that you get MORE pictures. And who doesn’t want MORE wedding photos?! You simply can never have enough.

3. DECOR Another reason bridals are important (like I mentioned above) is that you can have those pictures for your wedding. A lot of couples put their bridals on a slideshow or on canvases. Showcasing your bridal pictures personalizes your day even more. And this way, you already have professional wedding pictures that you can post on social media the day of your wedding. You won’t have to wait weeks to show everyone!

Now that you know what bridals are, there’s no reason not to include them in your wedding plans! Please please please prioritize a bridal session! You won’t regret it!

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